What Exactly Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

Are you on the verge of selling your property, and you’re creating a checklist of things to do and people to see? We’re guessing setting up a meeting with a real estate agent is on your top five. If it isn’t yet,  this article will remind you exactly what a real estate agent does and help you see whether hiring one is truly valuable or not. 

Job Description of a Real Estate Agent

The term “real estate agent” is a general job title for people who have a professional license to buy and sell houses. The license is granted and regulated by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  As you go further in your research, you might come across the terms “real estate broker,” “realtor,” “listing agent,” “buyer’s agent,” and “rental agent.” These might seem very similar terms, but technically, they are different. And as a home seller yourself, you can focus more on looking for at least a listing agent. 

A listing agent will help you sell your house quickly at a fair market price and represent you in negotiations and other transactions. You can also tap a broker or a realtor, but you have to expect to allocate for a higher commission price. This is because brokers and realtors underwent further professional training than first-level agents. 

But whether you hire a realtor, a broker, or a real estate agent, the important thing is that the person you hire is competent to sell your home the way you want and when you want. The job of a listing agent is to guide you from setting your price to closing the deal — basically every step of the home selling process. Specifically, listing agents:

  • Conduct a comparative market analysis to help you decide on a sale price
  • List your home on the Georgia Multiple Listing Service 
  • Recommend valuable home improvements before selling
  • Market your home
  • Coordinate with interested buyers
  • Host a home viewing
  • Oversee home inspections and appraisals
  • Entertain and negotiate with your buyer
  • Arrange and look after the closing process
duties of listing agents
Source: Jamie Sarner

They say, “A realtor is a not a salesperson, but a matchmaker.”  True enough, you have to find a real estate agent who knows how to spot great buyers and deals. And how are you going to know if your candidate real estate is good enough?  Continue reading on.  

Dissecting the Real Estate Agent’s Bio

A real estate agent is more than just your mediator, your real estate advisor, and your on-call salesperson. They have to understand what you really want from the sale and the buyer.  They have to understand your limits, boundaries, work, how you think, and how you feel. Lastly, they have to know how your home can be sold fast, considering the state of your local real estate market. And you’ll get an idea of all these by dissecting your real estate agent’s bio.

  1. Is the bio written or crafted professionally?
  2. How many years of experience does your agent have in the local market?
  3. Does your agent answer your questions genuinely, or do they seem scripted?
  4. Did your agent say why they chose Georgia or your county’s real estate market?
  5. Does your agent offer a unique value or service?
  6. How are the past sales statistics of your agent?
  7. Did they win any real estate awards or recognitions?
  8. Does your agent have any recommendations from their past clients?
  9. What does your real estate agent do in her spare time?

The bottom line is, don’t just pick an agent who has an excellent real estate track record. Pick an agent who also has the heart and the genuine passion for helping people.


Role of Real Estate Agents Vis-à-vis Technology

One might ask, “what do I need a real estate agent for when I can market my house online by myself with social media and Zillow and negotiate with the potential buyer myself through Zoom online conferencing?” Technology has indeed made things more convenient, accessible, and doable. In fact,  softwares that create 3D virtual tours of a home are continuously emerging, and some real estate documents now allow the use of electronic signatures. 

However, technology, no matter how advanced it may seem, also has its limitations. For example, machines don’t know how to capture emotions and identify the right negotiation strategies. Human connection is essential in a real estate transaction or negotiation because selling and buying a home is personal.  When it comes to reading and appealing to your buyer’s emotions, your real estate agent is your best “tool.” 


If you don’t find the real estate agent who resonates with you and you need to sell your house in the soonest time possible already, you can also consider talking to us at Spire Home Buyers. We don’t just provide cash offers for homes, but we also help home sellers like you find the right solution for your home.  Take a short break and leave us with your contact information below or call us at  (678) 318 – 1801.


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