Tips for Selling a Damaged Home in Perry, GA

Have you been wanting to sell your Perry home but have come to a brick wall as to “how to sell it” because of its condition? You’d be glad to know that you’re not alone. Your situation is actually more common than you think!

Houses do experience damage at least once in their lifetime. If it isn’t a storm, land subsidence, or fallen tree that causes sudden damage, the way the house is cleaned will also affect its overall structural condition over time. No matter how much you keep every nook and cranny polished up, it will be inevitable that minor damages can be overlooked as time goes by.

But whether it’s due to the lack of maintenance, human error, or environmental conditions, it’s no question that your home’s value and selling rate will be affected if the damage is left unresolved. So, in this article, we give you ideas on how to start managing your home’s damages, upgrade your property, and eventually sell it without putting you on a sinking financial boat. 

Scale the Damage

Before selling your home, it’s important to create a detailed checklist of the damages you observe — at least before bringing a professional inspector in. You know all corners of your house better than anyone. Or even if it was inherited, you have more time to “get to know it more” than other people.

Fire Damage

Fires can be caused by various factors  — electrical faults, candles, cooking, broken appliances, heating equipment, and more.  If your home experienced fire and spread to an entire room and beyond, be extra careful when assessing. Start from the exterior of your home, then the basement if you have.

Look for:

  • Damaged water and gas lines (or smell of gas)
  • Loose power lines
  • Foundation cracks
  • Wet and sagging ceilings and floor
  • Jammed doors and windows
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Furniture and fixtures that have soot

If the fire damage is too extensive, making your house too unsafe to check yourself, don’t take the risk and call a professional.


Infestations can be done by mould, insects, rodents, and other living organisms.  You’ll know your house has pests when there is/are:

So when looking for signs of infestation, make sure to wear a mask, gloves, goggles (if you have one), and other protective equipment.

Worn-Out Fixtures

How many furniture, doors, windows, built-in cabinets, and sinks are broken or damaged? And are they still functional or entirely usable?  

Broken Centralized Air Conditioning

One of the disadvantages of having a ducted air conditioning system is that if the central fan or machine breaks, the entire home will not receive any air conditioning. You’ll know something is wrong with your air conditioning if any rooms are not as cold as they’re supposed to be.  

Faulty Electrical System

Unless you’ve got sparking power outlets, broken switches, frequent blackouts, or flickering lights, you’ll have to call an electrician for this. Ideally, an electrical fault detecting tool is used to check your system. If you don’t have one, best to call in an electrician if you suspect something wrong with your electrical system.

Damaged Plumbing

If your faucet water is slow, you’re not getting enough hot water, your ceiling is damp, and your drains are not sucking in water as much, you may have a broken plumbing system. Check your kitchen taps, bathroom drains, exposed pipes, water tanks, and water heaters for signs of damage.

Consult A Specialist

Once you have a list of all the damages, you can contact the corresponding specialists for each type of problem — electrician, plumber, pest control, etc. A lot of tradespeople offer free consultation and quotes, so you can definitely take advantage of that. 

Ask the specialist as many questions as you can and request other alternative solutions as well as their related costs. You can also research Do-It-Yourself Home Repairs before talking to your repairman and see what they think of them.  Remember that damage repairs and renovation can be costly depending on the type and scale, so you’d want to be well aware of all your options.

Source: Home Advisor


Contact a Home Buying Company

Another option that will not require you to spend a dime on renovations and repair is to sell your Perry home as-is to a professional home buying company like Spire Home Buyers. We buy houses in Perry, Georgia, completely as they are — damaged, dirty, cluttered, etc. Since we don’t require homeowners to repair anything, we can close a deal faster than many retail home buyers. If the damage in your home is too stressful to even think about, allow us to take the stress off your hands in just 14 days or less! Call us at (678) 318 – 1801, and let’s talk about your home.


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