Is It Possible Selling A House With Stuff in It?

Are you a hoarder, and now you need to sell your Buford house, but you don’t know how because of all the stuff in it? Well, there’s no shame in being a packrat — we all go through that at least once in our lives with things we absolutely love! In fact, about 9.5 million people in the U.S. have been estimated to be compulsive hoarders, partially fueling the temporary storage industry for years. 

We understand how having lots of stuff can feel like you’ll never be able to sell your house ever. But don’t allow this feeling to eat you up. Having lots of “junk” will not hinder you from selling your fast because while you have lots of stuff, you also have lots of options to sell!  You even have opportunities to sell your house clean and empty or sell your home with all your stuff in it!

Contrary to the popular dictionary, junk doesn’t always mean “things you need to throw away”. They can be precious items you forgot you had in the first place.  If you aren’t fond of watching home organizing shows or reading books on tidying up your home like the infamous Tidying Up With Mari Kondo, now would be an exciting time to get on it. Guides like these often have common denominators, three (3) of which are sorting your stuff into: storage, sell, and donate. 

If you’re all about mixing your options before selling, this article is for you.

#1 Solution is Renting A Storage

If you’re selling your primary home, that means you’re relocating to another. You most likely want to keep some of your stuff to save money. But what do you do if you haven’t found a permanent home yet and your temporary one isn’t big enough to keep all the stuff you want to keep? Simple — Commercial  Storage Facilities!

Storage facilities aren’t new. There are more than 49,000 storage facilities all over the U.S., summing up to about 1.9 billion ft2. And of the total number of households, around 10.6% rent a self-storage unit. If you hadn’t tried one, you might realize how practical they can actually be.

Storage facilities across the country differ in so many aspects. For starters, this is how you should choose your storage facility:

  • Compare Prices of At Least Five (5) Storage Facilities

As reported by Sparefoot, the average monthly cost for a 5×5 ft2 storage unit in the country is about $55.45. The prices vary depending on what the facility offers for its clients, the size, and location. Here are some storage companies in Georgia you can check out:

Public Storage

Life Storage

Cube Smart

Extra Space


Space Shop

  • Check The Facility’s Climate Control, Maintenance, and Security

Extreme heat and moisture can destroy any property at a pace that depends on the material. That’s why there are climate-controlled storage systems. Unfortunately, climate-controlled units are more expensive and difficult to access than standard units. But hey, you’re paying for the protection and preservation of your stuff.

  • Evaluate Whether You Need Self-Storage or a Full-Service Storage

Full-service storage packages include a team who’s going to pick up your stuff from your home, transport them, and transfer them to your unit. If you have huge and fragile items you want to keep, hiring professionals to handle them would be best. 

Sell Them!

Online marketplaces have taken the world by storm. You can either sell or auction any item you have for a small fee. There’s Amazon, Bonanza, Craiglist, eBay, NextDoor, VarageSale, Facebook, and so much more.  But before you list your items, do these first: 

  • Clean Your Stuff First

Wash your linens, wipe your furniture, make everything dust-free and look brand new if you can.  While many people buy hand-me downs, no one really likes to purchase items that seem “decaying”.

  • Take Bright Photos

Bright photos are appealing and make things look clean.  Plus, it adds to the feeling of newness. You don’t have to buy an expensive professional camera to do this. Instead, you can use your mobile phone or tablet and still capture great photos.

  • Offer Flexible Payment Options

Different sites have different payment options. The benefit of selling in an open marketplace like Facebook Marketplace is that you have the freedom to offer your own payment options to your buyers. 

Donate For a Good Cause

There are dozens of charities in the U.S. that accept all kinds of items from shoes to books, furniture, clothes, kitchen utensils, and much more. There are even organizations that pick up the items themselves from your location, so you won’t have to get out of your way. You can reach out to Donation Town for a list of charities that offer pick-ups in Georgia.

questions to ask before donating
Source: Charity Navigator

Can you sell a house with stuff in it? Sell your house to a cash homebuyer!

The three (3) options above all involve sorting and spending time with your stuff. If you think you don’t have the time to do any of them, you can also consider selling your home to us at Spire Home Buyers. We buy houses as-is, even with all your stuff in it, and you won’t have to move a single object for us to give you our cash payment. Yes, we buy houses for cash too!

Contact us today, and let’s talk. We’re available at (678) 318 – 1801.


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