We Flip Capital by Flipping Houses

Since 2015, the team at Spire Property Solutions has been helping homeowners find the best solution to sell their house quickly. What you might not know is we also help smart investors like you earn amazing returns on your capital.

If you are tired of low interest rate CD’s, Bonds and Savings Accounts, but you don’t like the volatility of the stock market then investing in real estate might be the balance you are looking for!

How it Works

One Investor – One Property – One Mortgage

The team at Spire Property Solutions will identify a property and assemble a full prospectus. The pro forma documents include all the financials including: Purchase Price, Acquisition Costs, Renovation Budget, Holding Costs and Disposition Costs. We conduct a through market analysis to establish an After Repaired Value and Project Timeline. You have full access to our prospectus on the subject property and can choose to fund the deal that works for you.

We place one investor per property so their interest can be secured with a First Position Deed To Secure Debt (mortgage) and a Promissory Note is filed with the county records department. The investor can be an individual or group of individuals that elect to form an entity to fund a project. Spire Property Solutions does not group investors in a syndication at this time. Both accredited and non-accredited investors are welcome!

Spire Property Solutions focuses primarily on Single Family Residential style homes in the northern half of Metro Atlanta. Our knowledge and experience in this niche has been a key to consistent success over the years. Are you ready to earn a healthy return on your money secured by a tangible, local asset? If so, let’s talk today.

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