How To Sell Your House Privately Using These 5 Tips

Do you want to wake up and not be troubled anymore about how to sell your home fast, away from the general market? Selling a house on the market is mostly for people who don’t mind random calls from strangers, having a lot of people in their home during viewing, and putting their home under the world’s highly scrutinizing microscope.

If you are not comfortable with any of these, but you badly need to sell your home today, don’t worry; there are ways to sell your house without igniting a lot of fuss.  In this article, let’s go through five of these tips.

Target Your Buyers

Buyer targeting saves you money, time, and energy If you know who your potential buyers are, you can specifically design your strategy and approach according to their personality. What would make buyer #1’s heart flutter?   What do you think is buyer #1’s priorities in life? What are buyer #1’s weaknesses? — these are just a few questions that could help you plan your approach once you’ve listed down your potential buyers.

In addition, if you know which buyers you are aiming to sell to, you can create a personalized home viewing invitation and stage the home according to their preferences. This will make your buyer feel the most welcomed and help them imagine what the house can really be like. 

Impact to Buyers viewing a staged home
Source: National Association of Realtors, 2021

Once you have a shortlist of prospective buyers, you don’t have to conduct open houses or set aside more time to accommodate sudden and random home viewings. This way, you can sell your house quietly while being able to allocate more time and money convincing your buyer.

Consider D.I.Y. Repairs and Renovations

Doing pre-sale repairs and renovations means that you won’t have contractors and strangers running around your home. This is greatly applicable if you have the knowledge and skills to do carpentry, electrical, painting, and plumbing works, to name a few. Nonetheless, you can search for tons of guides to D.I.Y. home repairs online, and you only have to allocate time and patience to learn the skills.

If you have family and friends who are open to helping you prepare your home for sale, don’t hesitate to accept their offer. Having another person while you work would also be useful for your safety and for transferring heavy loads.

Hire a One-Stop-Shop Renovation Contractor

If D.I.Y works are not worth it for you (even it means being able to sell your home quietly), then don’t think twice about hiring a reliable contractor. But, try to look for a contractor who can do it all — plumbing, painting, HVAC, woodworks, electrical, etc. 

Remember that some contractors hire third-party/subcontractors. So, it would be better if you find someone who doesn’t subcontract their work, just to keep everyone at a manageable level. It can be stressful if you deal with different contractors at once because each of them would have different ways of operating and working.

Have Everyone Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

The fourth tip — if you do hire a contractor, you can have all the workers sign a non-disclosure agreement. This means that they are not allowed to tell other people about the house and what they are working on inside.  Some companies are reputable at keeping things private, but it wouldn’t really hurt if you prepared your own document. 

When you prepare your non-disclosure agreement, make sure to be as specific as possible about what you don’t want and what you are open to considering. Penalties make people follow the rules,  so don’t forget to put those in as well.  You can go over the agreement with a real estate agent and make sure that your contractor is also amenable to having their workers sign an agreement.

Sell Your House Off-The-Market

Selling off the market means that you won’t have your home listed on the Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GMLS).  Some would argue that this would lower your chances of a fast sale because of low visibility and exposure, but this is not always the case. If you work with an excellent real estate agent who has a vast network,  you don’t have to worry about finding and getting in touch with potential buyers.

In addition, selling your house off the market means that it’s “by invitation only”. You don’t have to entertain potential buyers who you do not know or who you have no prior knowledge with. In an off-the-market sale, your home’s safety and security would be given importance.

If you don’t have any idea yet of how to start selling off the market, let us help you cut the chase. We can buy your house today for cash, and you don’t have to hire a real estate agent to guide you because we will educate you along the way.  With Spire Home Buyers, you don’t have to conduct home viewings anymore and go through a long waiting period just to learn that your potential buyers have backed out even after weeks of non-stop negotiations.  If you want to sell your home hassle-free while saving time and money, don’t hesitate to call us today at (678) 318 1801 or fill up the form below!


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