How to Relocate and Sell Your Lawrenceville House Fast

Did you suddenly get a job promotion, have to relocate for family or have to downsize after losing your job, and you don’t know where to start for your big move? That can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve settled down, built a life, and gathered memories (and stuff) in your current home.  But there’s no need to be overpowered by anxiety because all you need is a minute to sit down and list down all the things you need to do and prioritize.  In fact, to-do lists enable us to focus and see what we’ve accomplished — an excellent reminder for us to give ourselves a pat on the back.

So when you’re feeling overwhelmed about having to move out and sell your house in a very short span of time, take out your pen and paper and list these couple of things down:

Make Categories and Get Your Labels On

While it’s essential to find a real estate agent or professional home buyer to sell your house fast, it is also equally important to start packing your things to:

(1) Prepare for home viewers and;

(2) Not risk losing an item because you had to pack at the last minute

Usually, the first two questions that people often ask is, “What do I pack first?” and “How should I pack them?”. As reiterated by Becoming Minimalist, the average American home holds about 300,000 items. If you think your home has too much clutter, well, you’re definitely not alone.

To start packing, the first things to identify are categories. How would you like to organize your things and pack them? If you live in a household with three or more people, we highly suggest categorizing your things by room. This way, if any of your family members need any of their stuff, you’d be able to locate them right away.

In addition, to take some load off during your move, this may be a great time to declutter and identify things that you can throw away already. This saves you some moving expenses and the effort of packing and unpacking useless stuff.

Explore Temporary Storage Services

Temporary storage facilities are beneficial for people living in small spaces, needing to renovate their homes, and of course, people scheduled to move out.  Finding a similarly-sized home to move into right away may not be for everyone. Thus, you’ll need a transitory space to put all your stuff in, just in case your new home isn’t ready to fit all of them.   

average rent trends for self storage facilities from 2018-2020
Source: Storage Café

In Atlanta, 5’x5’ storage facilities can start at $30.00. The bigger, advanced, and more well-maintained the facility is, the more expensive it will be.  Four major factors you need to look out for when choosing a facility are cleanliness, temperature control, accessibility, and security. If you can find a facility that feels as safe as your home (if you were to live in it) — or even safer — that could be a great option. 

Plenty of moving companies either have their own temporary storage facilities or are partnered with at least one. So if you are still browsing for a company that will help you relocate your things, it might be best to hire a one-stop shop. 

Ask About Your Company’s Relocation Package

If you’ve been given another opportunity to work in a different area,  your company might be compassionate enough to assist you with moving. Relocation expenses can be pretty pricey, so you’ll need all the help you can get, even if it’s just minimal.  Relocation packages can cover different aspects of the moving process, which includes: 

  • Home Sale /  Lease Penalty Assistance
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Transportation
  • New Temporary/Permanent Housing
  • House Hunting and Buying
  • Cultural and Language Training

Companies are not mandated by law to provide this kind of assistance. If your company doesn’t offer it, you can still try talking to your boss— you never know, apart from saving a ton of money, you might open up entirely new possibilities for your fellow employees who might also be relocating in the future!

Hire a Professional Organizer or Garage Sale Coordinator

Relocation specialists, garage sale coordinators, and moving organizers are the professionals you never thought you needed. But given the amount of time required to pack all your stuff, carry them out of your home, and transport them to your new house,  doing all that is not a five-finger exercise.  

If you think you have plenty of unnecessary stuff or things that do not give value to you and your family anymore, professional organizers can help you decide what to do with them. Avoiding bringing your past clutter into your new home can help you make a fresh start and give you one less thing to think about once you’ve relocated.

Look for A Cash Home Buyer

Lastly, one of the more challenging aspects of relocating is knowing what to do with your current home. If you are not renting but are residing in your own home, it can be maddening to figure out how you will sell your home in the fastest time possible (not to mention the time and effort it takes to close a deal). The good news is, that’s what Spire Home Buyers is here for! We can provide you with the best possible solutions for your home while you’re up for relocation so that you can focus on your new life right away. 

Spire Home Buyers can purchase your home for cash without taking up too much of your time. There is no need to wait for months and go through a taxing home selling process because we can offer and close a deal within a week! To learn more about Spire Home Buyers, contact  (678) 318 – 1801 or fill up the form below.


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