Find the Right Home Buyer For Your Fort Valley Home

Have you decided to sell your Fort Valley home and you’re having troubles finding a buyer who goes through and through? While it can be easy to generate leads and interested buyers, the number can decrease as you go down the sales funnel.  Buying decisions are influenced by a variety of factors — economic, and psycho-emotional; and buyers can always back out anytime even if they already paid partially.

However, you can always influence your buyer’s decision as well. But first, it’s important to find the buyer that’s right for you. By “right”, we mean someone who doesn’t give you a lot of headaches and troubles before they say “yes” to your home. To do that, here are some tips:

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Back in 2016, Meta (formerly called Facebook) launched Facebook Marketplace that allows people to buy and sell everything under the sun.  There were around 450 million users when it launched, plus other users who switched from other online marketplaces like Ebay. As of 2021, Meta announced that there are already 1.9 billion daily active users worldwide; and with Facebook’s Ad Targeting Tool, you’re able to reach more potential home buyers here fast.

Another great thing about selling on social media is you get to have a live conversation with your buyer right then and there. No more emails, formal communications, and more. When you’re able to chat directly and faster with your buyer, it’s easy to start getting to know them even before you meet them in person.

Disclose All Your Limitations

The next tip is to be as honest as possible — not only about the condition of your property, but also about your situation. Finding the right buyer involves acknowledging your wants and limitations as a seller also. You can’t find the right buyer if you don’t know what you’re open to in the first place.  When it comes to pricing for example, if you set a minimum and maximum price point, you’ll know not to entertain buyers who try to negotiate further than that anymore.

If you have tenants in your property, for example, who don’t want to vacate the property and is giving you a difficult time; you have to tell your buyers this. But of course you have to be making progress in legally removing your tenants before telling your buyers, or this will be grounds for them to walk away.

Don’t fall too much for buyers who constantly say they’re interested as well; those may be false promises and you might be waiting long for nothing. It’s okay to tell your buyer you need a decision by a certain date, especially when there’s another buyer looking to purchase your home.

See Who Is Flexible With the Concessions

Some buyers can walk away from a contract if they have so much concessions in place. Concessions are their “exit strategies” which only benefits them, not the seller. On the brighter side, concessions are negotiable if you do it right.  

The buyer who’s open to modifying their concessions are those who have a real interest in buying your property. They want your house that much that they’re willing to forego other important things they’re asking for as a concession. This is a buyer you want to move forward with because it means that you won’t have to sacrifice so much to sell your home in Fort Valley.

Consider If They’re Financing Works For You

There are cash buyers and financed buyers. As much as we all want buyers who pay in lump-sum, they don’t consist majority of homebuyers. A lot of homebuyers rely on loans to purchase a house and most of them are only able to loan a partial amount at a time. That means they can’t pay you the full amount in one go.

When this happens with your ideal buyer, you can propose that you won’t be returning their partial payment if they’re not able to pay the rest for a specific period of time. Or, the longer they pay their balance, the lesser the refundable amount will be. If you’re open to this set-up, it’s almost similar to seller-financing., which involves extending credit to your buyer or letting your buyer pay in installments with interest.

sell your Fort Valley home through owner financing
Source: The Balance

Check Out Professional Home Buyers Like Spire

If you don’t find the right buyer in time, and you really need to sell your Fort Valley home already for whatever purpose you need, you can also check out our cash for homes program at Spire Home Buyers. We buy houses for cash in Fort Valley Ga, and we can buy your house as is — no repairs, upgrades, or even some pre-sale decluttering.  We can give you a quote within 48 hours, and close the deal in less than 2 weeks depending on your situation. Know how much you can get from selling your Fort Valley home to us at Spire Home Buyers  by calling us at (678) 318 – 1801 or leave us your contact information in the form below.


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