Sell Damaged House Fast and Find a Better One!

Is Your New Home Too Dangerous? Did you recently move into a new home, and you’ve been discovering issues that were not disclosed to you before? We won’t sugarcoat this because it is annoying to find so many things to repair in your home after you just shelled out a considerable amount of money. While … Continued

How To Prepare Your Home to Sell?

Preparing To Sell Your Home on the Market? Protect Your Things During a Home Show Are you reluctant to host an open house but people you’ve consulted said it’s the fastest way to sell your home? When people experience your property first-hand, it does give them a big nudge to decide on it faster. While … Continued

How To Protect Home from Flooding to Preserve Its Value

Are you selling your Georgia house soon and you’re worried about its value after it has been drastically affected by flooding? The older a house is, the more susceptible it can be to water damage. And if the damages are not taken care of immediately, it can be more difficult and expensive to repair them … Continued

Selling A House with Foundation Issues?

Are you seeing cracks on your wall or uneven parts of your floor and think it has something to do with the foundation? Structural issues, among other factors, are one of the heaviest reasons buyers and lenders would most likely say no to a house. This is why we understand how stressful this might be … Continued

Selling a House I Inherited with All Its Unpaid Utilities

Can I Sell an Inherited House with All Its Unpaid Utilities? Have you decided to sell your inherited home in Georgia, and you’re worried about whether it’s legal to do so even with so many unpaid balances? This is one of the disadvantages of inheriting a property. That’s why some people would just resort to … Continued

Dealing with an Evicted Tenant Refuses to Leave

Are you a landlord who’s planning to close your rental property or remove your tenants permanently due to misbehavior? Being a landlord is not as easy as many would think. While you are indeed the property owner, your tenants are the ones living in it, and by that, they have earned some rights. One of … Continued

How To Sell A House With Bad Neighbors?

Selling a house with nosy and bad neighbors? Did you suddenly decide to sell your home, and you’re not ready to face everyone who’s most likely to ask why? There are many personal reasons why people choose to sell their homes, and homeowners are never required to disclose them to the public — only to … Continued

Looking to Sell Your Home in the Summer?

Is your home in good condition, and you don’t understand why it’s still not selling this summer? That summer is supposed to be when demand is up, and houses sell fast, yet your home remains “uninteresting” to people. We get how dispiriting this can be, especially when you’ve put so much effort into marketing and … Continued

How to Avoid a Low Home Appraisal: Tips and Strategies

Did you find a buyer and suddenly realize your home may not be as prepared as it should be for an appraisal? If your home will not pass the lender’s assessment, there is a possibility that your buyer will withdraw their interest in buying your house.  If you find yourself in this mind space, calm … Continued

Converting Home into Rental Property: Is it Worth it?

Are you relocating, and you’re unsure what to do with your current home? Or maybe you have a spare property that you don’t want to sell anytime soon.  Properties are a great responsibility, and shaking them off your hands is not just something you can do overnight. Somehow, we get a sense of the “anarchy” … Continued

Sell Your Big House Fast: Expert Tips for a Quick Sale

“My House is Too Big for Me” At some point in our lives, there will come a time when the people we grew up with will decide to live independently away from us. In some cases, we’re never given a choice, especially when our loved ones pass. Once a huge blaring home, now a space … Continued

How To Get Rid Of A Money Pit House? Sell For Cash Today!

Have you been renovating your home for so long that you don’t even know when it will ever end? Just when you thought you hired the right contractor, another problem comes around every time like they don’t seem to know what they’re doing at all. Is your Home Becoming a Money Pit? Renovating a home … Continued

I Lost My Job in Perry: What Do I Do?

Did your company suddenly go out of business, or are retrenching, and you were part of those who were let go?  That is a tough situation to be in, whether you’ve got a family to support or not.  We understand what it feels like to worry about how to pay for your next set of … Continued

Sell an Infested House In Warner Robins

Are you kept awake at night due to the fear of unsightly pests creeping up your bed? No matter how much you keep food sealed away, or dry constantly-wet surfaces like sinks, animal/pest infestations can be very difficult to control — especially when they’ve found a safe space in your home to live in. Pests/animals … Continued

How Does Home for Sale by Owner Work

How do for Sale by Owner homes work? Do you think real estate commissions are quite expensive to pay for?  If your home was worth $87,000, you’ll need to pay your agent around 5%-6% of that. That’s about  $4,350-$5,220. That price alone can already pay 4-5 months of your next home’s mortgage!  But how can … Continued
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