Cheap Home Upgrades Before Selling: Boost Your Selling Price

Home Improvements to Make Before Selling

Do you plan to sell your Milton home but you’re worried about what people will think of its condition? Well, contrary to the thought that old and worn-out homes will not sell fast, any home can be sold with the right amount of fixes or even without any.

If you really want to do something about your home and feel overwhelmed about where to start, think of the most important. By important, we mean parts of your house that would compromise the safety and basic needs of its residents if they weren’t in good condition.

As a long-time real estate broker, professional home buyer, and investor, we’ve noticed that some of the most important things that buyers consider in a home are the electrical system, plumbing, roofing, security, and storage. This is because they wouldn’t be able to function well or sleep well without these elements. In some cases,  mortgage lenders also require official inspection reports before granting your buyer a mortgage loan.  

So let’s dive further into the specifics of each.

Electrical System

In the United States, the top causes of residential fires include cooking, heating, electrical, smoking, and candles. Specifically, electrical malfunctions caused 49% of fires, as reported by the National Fire Protection Association.  This is why it is highly recommended to have your home professionally inspected at least once a year.

For a short recall, some of the common signs that say it’s time to have your electrical system checked and fixed are:

  • Burning smells
  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers
  • Buzzing sounds near wires
  • Unusual heat in panels
  • Flickering lights
  • Electrical grounding from switches, electrical appliances, and power outlets
  • Sparking power outlets
  • Rusty electrical parts

Here are other signs from the Family Handyman.

what do I upgrade before I sell my Milton home
Source: Trust Dale

If your Milton home has any of these signs, have them fixed before you close the deal with your buyer. If none of these signs are noticeable, we suggest you prioritize your electrical distribution, power transfer equipment, and lighting. Your inspector/technician can also assess whether your entire electrical system is up to code

You don’t always need to have the most advanced electrical system. Sometimes, even just the basics are valuable to people already. 

Plumbing System

Ask every person in the world, and you’ll not hear anyone say that water is never a need.  We use water for hygiene, drinking, washing our food, washing our clothes, cooking, keeping our plants alive, and keeping us hydrated under any season. That’s why it’s not a massive surprise if your buyers ever consider your plumbing system a significant deciding factor. Plus, professional plumbing services can be expensive. If your plumbing problem is recurring, your buyer will probably spend a lot to find a permanent solution.

Some of the most aggravating plumbing problems that you’d want to pay attention to and fix before selling your Milton home include:


According to Home Advisor, the average cost of a typical roof repair is between $3.50-$5 / ft2, and it goes up depending on the materials and type of work needed.  As much as roofs are built to last for decades, changes in weather and climate inarguably reduce a roof’s lifespan. In addition, poor workmanship also pushes the need to have your roof repaired over and over. 

Even though you’re not experiencing any leak from your roof today, it would be great to have a professional inspect it before entertaining a buyer. For one, you’ll be able to answer precisely and honestly how your roof is if your buyer asks; And two, you’ll be able to potentially get your full asking price, negotiate easier, and have a lower days-on-market (DOM).

Doors, Windows, and Locks

In Milton, 1 in every 1,196 people experiences a violent crime. While this number is way lower than statewide and national statistics, it’s best not to be complacent even if your home is in a gated community. Installing closed-circuit television cameras is the basic go-to solution to improving a home’s security. However, you don’t always have to do this. By ensuring that your doors, windows, and locks are correctly installed and working perfectly, you’re already off to a good start at securing your home.  

If you’re feeling a bit grand though, you can check out smart home systems for doors and windows — there are so many available in the market! (An old house with an automatic lock system that alarms the owners whenever they forget to lock? How awesome is that?)


Storage is life.  Unless your buyer is a stern minimalist who doesn’t mind not having any decent storage at all, you’re going to have to check each cabinet, drawer, walk-in closet, and built-in shelf you have. But don’t worry, fixing closets and other storage spaces can often be done D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) using materials available in major hardware stores within and around Milton.

With so much competition on the market, upgrading or fixing your Milton home before listing will help you “catch” a buyer faster.

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