How Do “We Buy Houses” Work in Georgia?

Are you looking for the best way to sell your house in Georgia? If so, let us help you go over your options and see which way is best!

If you’ve ever heard about how difficult it is to sell a house in Georgia, you might want to overlook that. There are plenty of interested house buyers in Georgia, including those who are willing to buy your house for cash. Plus, when you sell your home in Georgia, you may qualify for a capital gains tax exemption, which isn’t the only benefit home sellers can get. Perhaps selling your home might be your next best step to improving the quality of your life too!


We Can Help with Your Housing Issues
What Are Your Options to Sell A House In Georgia?
Do You Want to Sell Your House As-Is or Renovate the Home First?
Do You Want to Sell Your House Fast?
Do You Need to Sell Your House Now For Cash?
Should I Use a Real Estate Agent or Sell Directly to a Professional Home Buyer?

We Can Help with Your Housing Issues

People have different reasons for wanting to sell their properties. When a house is causing someone a headache, people often resort to selling it immediately, especially when the difficulties are large in scale.

However, you have to think about whether selling is really the best option.  We won’t recommend that you sell your house to us right away because you may still get more value out of it despite the hurdles. Rather, we will help you explore alternative solutions if you prefer that. If you’ve decided to sell your house fast in Atlanta or any other area in Georgia, for example, we can also help you do that by buying your home straight-up, with minimal inconveniences.

We help people deal with their residential properties in Atlanta, Cumming, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Loganville, Alpharetta, Buford, Conyers, Dacula, Doraville, Grayson, Johns Creek, Lilburn, Monroe, Milton, Peachtree Corners, Snellville, Suwanee, Winder,  Gwinnett County, Forsyth County, Barrow County, Walton County, Newton County, Cherokee County, and Dawson County. If you’re wondering what kinds of real estate problems we handle, here are the common situations we’ve helped our client partners overcome:

“I Want to Sell My Georgia House While Going Through Divorce”

Separating from a spouse can already generate a considerable amount of emotional distress. If a couple has a joint property, they have to decide what becomes of that property — whether to share it, convert it to an investment property (and split the profits), or transfer full ownership to either one.  In some cases, some couples really hire a divorce real estate expert or just consult with us for free and hear out our experiences.

couple going through divorce and thinking of selling the house

“Can I Sell My Home Fast to Avoid Foreclosure?”

Changes in livelihood and billowing medical expenses can sometimes make it difficult for people to stay on track with their mortgage.  The good news is, if a home is at risk of foreclosure or is already recognized as a foreclosed property, there is still a chance for you to continue living in it or get cash from it.

“I Inherited a House and I Want to Sell It Quickly”

Losing a family member is mentally and emotionally draining. If a deceased family member left a property to you or without any kind of will, it could create additional frustration because it means that you’ll have to spend for the property (like taxes, physical maintenance, remaining mortgage, etc.). You can convert a probate house to a rental property or sell your house as-is along with all stuff left in it. Either way, we can help you navigate the processes of making your inherited property less of a dilemma .

“I’m Tired of Being a Landlord and I Want to Sell My House Now in Georgia”

Having a rental property is one of the best ways to earn passive income. But what happens when you have tenants who are disruptive and uncooperative? What happens when you have tenants who do not follow your contract religiously? True enough, if this is not addressed immediately, this will generate long-term effects on your property and its future investment potentials.  With this, you have the option to either manage your tenants better or just sell your property.

“How to Sell My Georgia House Before I Become Bankrupt?”

The idea of losing your assets in the midst of already challenging financial circumstances is not very comforting.  However, contrary to the popular notion that you’ll lose your home when you file for bankruptcy, there are Georgia state laws that can exempt your property from being taken away from you. At Spire Property Solutions, we can help you brainstorm a pre-bankruptcy plan to preserve the value of your real estate assets.

problematic girl doesn't know what to do with the house

“I’m Relocating and I Need to Sell My Georgia Home Quickly”

As people enter different phases in their lives, a change in environment is commonly inevitable. Have you settled in a house in Georgia but need to relocate for practical reasons? Is it possible to sell your house fast in Georgia so you can already focus on your new life? The answer is yes! Selling a property quickly in Georgia is not impossible, and we’re here to show you some of the most effective tips on the market.

“My House is Too Damaged so I’m Looking for Georgia Home Buyers”

Some houses experience disastrous plumbing/flooding problems that make it difficult for people to reside in them safely.  And these aren’t the only problems causing homeowners hundreds and thousands of dollars. Infestations, molds, fire hazards, contaminated water supply, decaying floors, ceilings, etc., eventually reduce the quality of living in a home, prompting owners to relocate. 

Luckily, some people buy damaged houses as-is. If you want to go down this path, we can help you sell your damaged house as-is, or, if you’re going to repair the house first before selling, we can give you fast tips on how to address the damages.

“I Am Losing Money on a Rental Property and Looking to Sell the House Quick”

Investment properties will not always turn out the way we plan them to be. Apart from buying a great house in an excellent location, its profitability will still depend on the number of interested renters. If your rental house in Georgia is not occupied for long periods of time, it will be inevitable for you to spend on maintenance and maintaining a property is not an easy feat.

When you do have tenants though but are the kinds of tenants who are unruly and disrespectful, then you have yourself an extra set of challenges to think about. People with these issues often want to get rid of their properties fast, so we help them figure out the quickest route considering their situation.

On top of the reasons for selling, people also experience personal obstacles that impede a quick sale. Here are the top three obstacles that our clients have encountered:

“Repairing a House Is Expensive”

In some cases, deciding whether or not to sell a house is the easiest step in the process. The question is if your house is not in top shape, would it be proper to sell it if it is not safe or at least presentable? Some homeowners believe that it’s inappropriate. With this, they become stressed out about how to repair their property even when funds are limited.  In addition, Georgia has minimum health and safety standards for occupancy that landowners must abide by, which adds to the stress.  

If you don’t have the funds upfront to renovate your house, you can explore renovation loans, downgrading, selling other stuff to generate funds,  and the like. Just remember that there are ways to sell your house fast in Georgia, even if you don’t have the funds to do so. 

senior citizen couple don't know what to do with the house

“I Don’t Want Too Many People Viewing My House”

There are multiple scenarios when the number of people can build up inside your house during a sale. One is during a pre-sale renovation, and the second is during a home showing/viewing. Both situations can be nerve-racking, especially when there are a lot of personal items inside or when the seller is not comfortable in general with strangers entering their house.

In cases like this, homeowners would go for buyer-targeting by selling off-the-market or sell to companies that buy houses for cash in Georgia. The former means that you’ll only meet a few pre-selected buyers to view your house, while the latter means that you won’t have to meet anybody else except for the company who will buy your house.

“I Have to Consult With Other People Before I Can Sell My House in Georgia”

Selling a house can be easier when there is only one owner, and there are no other people with temporary rights to the property (like tenants). If there are, you would need to go through negotiations with the concerned parties. And negotiations are not always easy — some spouses may not want to sign a sale, and some tenants have rights that make it impossible to remove them immediately.

Sellers who have these kinds of problems sometimes hire a legal mediator to help them negotiate. However, an honest-to-goodness conversation with the concerned parties can also do the trick (as long as the seller finds a way to not put the other parties at a huge disadvantage). If you really want to avoid any kind of discussion with your tenants, you can tap companies who buy houses as-is in Georgia.  With this, you won’t have to negotiate with your renters anymore because we will do the work for you.

What Are Your Options To Sell A House in Georgia?

You don’t need to study the entire real estate market in Georgia just to sell your house. We will help you get through the process regardless of your current life situation and the conditions of your property.

house in Georgia, USA

Do You Want to Sell Your House As-Is or Renovate the Home First?

Repairs and upgrades can spark interest and increase your chances of a sale. However, this may not always be the case to the point where buyers won’t be able to notice a single one of them. With this, should you want to fix your house before selling it, we recommend that you go for smart  renovations.  

Apart from prioritizing the safety of future occupants, renovating smart includes fixes and upgrades that you know your buyers will definitely notice and appreciate. For example, because your curb and patio appeal is very distinct, your buyers may just consider that crack on your bathroom tile or that stripped section of wallpaper in the master’s bedroom. Again, you don’t have to repair everything.

Will I Gain More Money If I Renovate Before I Sell ?

In theory, renovations can raise the return-of-investment (ROI) of your house. When buyers see a lot of things to repair in a prospective house, it may give an impression that the property will require more expenses after the sale (even if the costs of the necessary repairs are minimal). If this happens, the buyer will ask to reduce the selling price.

On the contrary, if a buyer does not see any considerable amount of damage and is impressed by your house renovations, he/she may even consider paying your initial asking price right away. In addition, with the emergence of virtual home shows, your renovations can speak a great deal on your behalf.

To What Extent Should I Renovate My House Enough to Sell It?

When renovating a house, you should prioritize parts that can be hazardous to other parts if left unrepaired. This can include the roof, plumbing, electrical systems, walls, and foundation. In addition, you should prioritize function over appearance.  Decorative, wall paints, landscaping, and the like should only be secondary if you are running on a tight budget.

hammer and nails to repair the house before selling

If you plan on selling off-the-market, you can also study your potential buyers on what home components they will most appreciate or use. This way, you won’t have to over-renovate or spend a lot for a renovation that you’re not even sure would sell.

If you have the budget to make upgrades though, some of the best recommendations by real estate experts include prioritizing works that improve curb appeal, reduce the maintenance cost of buyers, create more space, stay up-to-date with recent style trends for key sections, and improve energy efficiency. According to the 2019 Remodeling Impact Survey by the National Association of Realtors, the top five most appealing renovation works for buyers include:

  • Complete Kitchen Renovation
  • Kitchen Upgrade
  • Complete HVAC Replacement
  • New Wood Flooring
  • Bathroom Renovation

I Want to Repair Before Selling but I Don’t Have the Money

Changing windows alone is already very costly. How much more if you need to repair almost every corner of your house? In this case, you have three options: (1) get a renovation loan for yourself to proceed with a pre-listing repair, (2) arrange a repair credit for your buyer or, (3) talk to some friends and work on a do-it-yourself repair project. Option three is only recommended for minor repairs though.

Can I Sell My House Without Repairing or Upgrading It?

Yes, you definitely can! There are even buyers who prefer worn-out or abandoned houses! The types of buyers you can look for are:

  • People who are looking to do a renovation project
  • Investor buyers who are looking to convert a house into a rental
  • Collectors who have a penchant for old and abandoned houses
  • Professional home-buying companies that buy houses as-is for cash

Perhaps, the bigger question is, would it still be possible to sell a house in Georgia with all the incomplete mortgage?  The answer is also yes, it is possible!

Can I Sell My House As-Is When I’m Still Paying Mortgage?

Unpaid house loans cannot hinder a person from selling a house. However, you’ll need to make sure that the present or future equity of your home is not less than your total mortgage. Here are your options if you want to sell a house with ongoing mortgage payments:

  • Talk to your lender and discuss your plans (mortgage lenders cannot prevent you from selling your house)
  • Prepare for possible prepayment penalties
  • Transfer your mortgage responsibilities to your buyer
  • Go for a short sale and sell to companies who buy houses as-is in Georgia

Can I Sell My House Along With All the Stuff?

Yes! Some are open to receiving all the stuff left in a house especially when they can sell them in return.  But remember that not all buyers are the same. If your potential buyer is a retail buyer (which means that he/she is buying a house to live in), you’d want to allow space for the buyer to create a custom home as well. This means that before your home show, you’ll have to declutter and temporarily store your personalized belongings away, to help your buyers imagine what they could do to the area.

Do You Want to Sell Your House Fast?

People who need to sell their house fast are usually going through abrupt changes in their lives. May it be family-related, work-related (like joining the army or being promoted to another state), on the brink of foreclosure and bankruptcy, unruly tenants, and the like.  If you are hoping to sell your house in as fast as seven days, you have multiple options!

Can I Sell My House Without Spending Money?

The costs of selling your house will depend on several factors. According to Zillow, the cost of pre-inspection alone is about $250-$700. This doesn’t take into account title transfer fees, escrow fees, prorated property tax fees, and many more.

typical closing costs for home sellers

However, there are also discretionary costs that you can do without.  These include concession costs, commission fees, repair/renovation expenses,  prepayment penalties, and the like. So to answer the question, selling your house fast in Georgia need not be expensive.

How Can I Sell My House in Georgia Fast?

No matter what condition your house is in, you can still sell it as fast as writing your name. Here are our top three tips on how to sell a home fast in Georgia:

Do You Need to Sell Your House Now For Cash?

People who intend to sell their house for cash are usually those who want to get rid of their house as fast as possible. Because of its many benefits, selling houses for cash has even become a trend in Georgia for the past few years.

What Benefits Do I Get if I Sell My House for Cash?

There are more advantages of selling your house to cash buyers than disadvantages. Here are a few of them:

  • You can get rid of the house immediately
  • You can pay off your remaining mortgage right away
  • You can avoid foreclosure
  • You don’t have to go through a lengthy selling process
  • You have control over the sale period or deadline
  • You can avoid further maintenance expenses
  • You don’t have to worry about unruly tenants anymore (if you sell to professional cash home buyers in Georgia)
  • You can use the cash to make a good head start for a new life

Where Can I Find Cash Home Buyers in Georgia?

If you intend to sell your house for cash, you’ll have to disclose that outright on your listing. This will narrow down your buyers right away so as to save time.  Selling to cash buyers will not take so much time because you don’t need to negotiate so much. You can contact us at Spire Property Solutions and let us help you get the most value out of your home.

What Documents Do I Need to Sell My House for Cash?

The requirements to sell your house for cash is more or less the same with the documents needed when you sell on the market. Here are the essential ones:

• Previous Sales Contract (indicating how much you paid for your home before)
• House Title or other Ownership Documents
• Property Survey Reports (e.g. Pre-Sale Inspection), if applicable
• Maintenance and Renovation Documents (receipts, photos, contracts, activity reports etc.) , if applicable
• Mortgage Documents
• Tax Records
• Homeowner’s Association Documents (e.g. contracts, receipts, correspondence, etc.), if applicable
• Appliance Manuals and Warranty Information (if you want to sell your appliances with the house)

agree to sell the house

Should I Use a Real Estate Agent or Sell Directly to a Professional Home Buyer?

This is one of the very first questions home sellers would typically ask themselves. Well, real estate agents can provide more value to a sale so here are some facts about what you can expect from them.

What Advantages Can I Get With Real Estate Agents?

Often, paying commission can get you more than the value you paid for, and credible real estate agents will make sure of this. Here are a few benefits that realtors can provide you with:

  • Professional representation (makes you reliable in the eyes of your buyers)
  • Someone to take the emotions out of the sale
  • Round-the-clock marketing and sales assistance
  • Accessibility to a more extensive network of buyers
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • Initial legal consult

Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

The first step of finding an agent is to generate leads from people you know. If you don’t have anyone who has experienced selling their houses with an agent, go ahead and search for candidates online. A tip would be to specify your location the first time because you’d want an agent who is already familiar with your area. 

Once you’ve created a shortlist of maybe two – five agents, invite them for an interview and take note of the following:

  • Experience
  • Communication Skills
  • Marketing Knowledge

You’d also want an agent who is honest and sincere enough to understand your situation and what’s best for you, so go ahead and ask your candidates case-specific questions.

Will I Be Able to Sell My House Even Without a Real Estate Agent?

There are no policies that state that home sellers must go through a real estate agent to sell their house. In fact, as much as there are a lot of benefits to selling with an agent, there are also a few disadvantages when working with them.

 If you don’t prefer working with a real estate agent, you can either create an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) listing or sell your house directly to a professional home-buying company. Many home buying companies like us buy houses for cash upfront, so you won’t need to go through lengthy negotiation processes with different parties. 






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