Stop Home Foreclosure in Lawrenceville

This is How You Stop Home Foreclosure

If you’re behind on your mortgage payment, watch this quick video about how to stop or avoid foreclosure in Lawrenceville. The two most important things you need to know are that you are not alone so don’t be scared, and you have options so don’t feel depressed. According to the FDIC, 60% of homeowners wished they had a better understanding about the mortgage and the payment information before buying a house. Each year, 1 in 200 homes will face foreclosure.

Now, let’s take some of the frustration out of this by giving you some great options to stop foreclosure or avoid foreclosure.

First, You need to Act Quickly. The earlier you start working through your options, the better your outcome. Early action allows you to better protect your credit and keep more of the equity you have in your home.

Second, talk with a trusted financial advisor. This might be a mortgage lender, a banker or a credit specialist. It’s important they have experience dealing with late mortgage payments and can help you navigate financial options like a refinance, loan modification, forebearance or maybe a signature loan.

Third, talk with an experienced Lawrenceville real estate agent. Be sure they have the right knowledge to help you sell quickly and deal with some of the situations that come up when selling a home when mortgage payments are behind.

Fourth, sell to a local home buyer like us. Spire Property Solutions is a professional home buyer in Lawrenceville, Georgia and we can help you stop foreclosure. We buy houses for Cash in the Lawrenceville area and we can close quickly. You can sell your home fast, in as-is condition, save your credit and keep more of your home equity. Remember, a home foreclosure doesn’t have to be scary or depressing. You aren’t alone and you have options if you act now. I am happy to walk you through which options might be best for you and connect you with my trusted financial providers and real estate agents.  To get started, fill out the form below, or call 478-974-1027

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