5 Tips to Help Sell Your Loganville Home Fast

If you are looking to sell your Loganville home fast, you can do so regardless of whether today is a seller’s market or not!

There are many opportunities to sell your house now because: (1) A colossal number of millennials is approaching their homeownership age, (2) The onset of the 2019 global Coronavirus pandemic has deterred new housing construction in the U.S., widening the already existing gap between available housing and the projected volume of potential buyers and (3) In Loganville, the median home value is relatively higher than the statewide median home value, so there is an opportunity to sell your house at a competitive price range.

However, despite the opportunities, we understand that it’s still not that easy to sell your house fast in Loganville. On a brighter note, it’s not also impossible. The probability of selling your house fast doesn’t always depend on the capacity of expert realtors. More importantly, it also starts with your decisions as a seller. Here, we give you our top five (5) tips on how to sell your home fast.

1.    Look for Buyers Who Are Open to Buying As-Is  

One of the most long-winded reasons that homes don’t get sold immediately is because of the renovations, repairs, and clean-up that need to happen before they can be marketed. Real estate agents would usually urge you to make the necessary renovations that they think their buyers will appreciate.  Unfortunately, the larger the renovation, the longer the sale is delayed.

To do away with the renovations and sell your house quickly, you can look for investor buyers.  Investor buyers include those who buy properties, renovate them, and sell them or rent them out.  Some investor buyers are even open to dilapidated residential units, especially when the land it is standing on is included in the sale. When you sell to these people, make sure to highlight the potentials surrounding your property (like location, nearby establishments, views, community culture, future community development plans, etc.).  So no, you don’t necessarily need to spend extra to sell your property now.

2.    Sell to a Professional Home-Buying Company

When a home is sold on-the-market, the prospective buyers are usually called “retail buyers,” and they include those who are looking to buy a home for personal use. Unfortunately, retail buyers can be more unpredictable as compared to targeted, off-market buyers. In addition, apart from the extra effort of looking for credible real estate agents, if you list your property on the market, you’d most likely have to go through a lengthy process that includes bank approvals, negotiations, remodeling, and the like.

To skip the disadvantages of selling your property “on the market”, a better option would be to consider selling to a professional home-buying company. Professional home buyers are not middlemen, and they come as direct buyers. This means that you can get cash for your house faster because the evaluation and approval process is shorter. 

3. Know All the Structural Details of Your House

One surprisingly time-consuming piece of the sales process is when the buyer requires information that the seller needs to find. This may include information on when the HVAC unit was installed or when the roof was last shingled, and the like.  This is expected because if you put yourself in a buyer’s shoes, you’d also want to be as meticulous as possible to get the most value out of your money.

In general, you can close a deal and sell real estate fast if you can answer all of your potential buyer’s questions immediately. This will accelerate the buyer’s evaluation period, and this will save you the physical effort of rummaging through your files or measuring whatever requires measuring

4. Look for a Buyer Who Has Cash-on-Hand

A lot of traditional home buyers rely on financing or bank loans to proceed with the purchase.  This will not only hound the buyer, but it might also become an opportunity cost for you to find better buyers. When you really need to sell, fast cash options are available for you. 

Fortunately, buyers like us at Spire Property Solutions exist and are ready with cash to buy your house right now. We buy homes for cash so sellers like you won’t have to go through the grueling process of selling on the market and facing the uncertainty of traditional home buyers. 

5. Be Quick to Decide

In our experience, homeowners who say they are ready to sell are not always truly ready. They want to sell, but when the time comes that a decision has to be made, they have difficulty moving forward. Remember that the volume of real estate buyers is not as high as the volume of grocery store buyers. You wouldn’t want to miss a potentially good sale just because you are indecisive.

If you are really interested in selling fast, you have to be sure of it even before you start looking for a buyer. You need to decide as fast as we’re buying property now. And if you are indeed sure, you can get in touch with a company like us, and get ready as we can close and put a check in your hands in about a week!

If you want to start looking at your options, click here to fill out the form or call us at (678) 318-1801 right now.

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