Need To Sell Your House As-Is in Duluth? Read This

Selling your Duluth home the traditional way — on the market — has plenty of hurdles. You must repair your home to ensure it’s on par with the minimum health and safety standards, clean it, advertise your sale, look for a great real estate agent, and spend on contingencies and other closing costs.

If you’ve done your research and the process feels overwhelming, we sympathize with you because selling a house on the market really is a lot. And while there are advantages of selling your home to retail buyers on the market, there are a few problems with it. These include the long waiting time and the costly selling price (yes, there are things that you need to pay as a home seller!).

According to Zillow, during the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, it took between 55-70 days to sell a home in great condition. This was also a time when the pandemic fueled the housing market, so the average D.O.M. was relatively faster than in the pre-pandemic era. Imagine homes that are in disrepair; it probably took months or years! 

It can be difficult to identify when a property will sell exactly because market conditions, home affordability, supply, and demand, among others, influence buying decisions.  This is true even amongst seasoned real estate agents and brokers.  The good news is that you can have more control over the timeline if you sell your Duluth home off the market. This means selling your house to real estate investors (mostly).

Aside from time, you don’t also don’t have to worry cost-wise because if you sell off the market, you don’t have to:

We’re not saying all these off-market benefits are true for all off-market buyers, though! It still depends on the offer. However, if you sell your home to us at Spire, you can expect a lot (if not all) of these benefits for sure!

Selling your home to us saves you a lot of time and money because we don’t go through a lender to buy your house, don’t require contingencies to close our deal, and don’t work with a real estate agent to process the sale. We’re able to make these possible because our business is to buy houses for cash, buy homes as-is, and buy houses directly from homeowners with our licensed real estate lawyer. 

Imagine being able to sell your home on time or even earlier while saving thousands from closing costs!

Source: Bankrate

How To Sell Your House As-Is in Duluth

So how can you sell your Duluth home off the market to us at Spire?

1.The first step is to call at (678) 318-1801 and chat with us about the home you want to sell. We’ll ask you basic questions about the condition of the house, how much you want for it, and how quickly you need to sell.

These questions give us an idea of how we can help you sell your home as-is!

2. Once we’re finished asking questions, we’ll take a day or so to do market research and learn more about your home. During this time, we’ll decide whether your house meets our buying criteria or not — but don’t worry… most homes do meet our buying criteria, even if they’re in severe disrepair.

3. Finally, we’ll make you a written, no-obligation cash offer.

The great about Spire is we’re all here to help you out. If you think our offer is far from reasonable, talk to us because we’re here to listen.

The best part is, if you decide to sell your home to us, you’ll get a lump-sum cash payment of your home, have the deal closed in as little as two (2) weeks, and you won’t have to worry about looking for money to pay all the closing costs.

Is This Legitimate?

You probably haven’t heard of this house selling option before, but yes, this method of buying and selling a house is legitimate and legal. Spire is duly registered in the State of Georgia, and we have purchased tons of homes as-is in Duluth.

There are many professional home buyers in the market, but not all operate legally. At Spire, we transact within the law while providing our homeowners the kind of service they’ll forever cherish. Our homeowners always walk away happy because they sold their house on their terms, on their timeline, and not someone else’s — unlike in market sales. 

You might wonder why we bother to buy a home and give so much in the process? Well, we are homeowners ourselves, and we understand the burden that other homeowners face when they need to sell their homes a.s.a.p.  The quality and extent of our services are the kinds of services we wish to have if we did need to sell our home fast without hurting our finances. In addition, we are real estate investors always looking to buy properties we could rent out or fix & resell. Buying homes for cash is the fastest way we can grow our business.

If you’re not ready or willing to face the hurdles of selling your Duluth home on the market, talk to us at Spire! Perhaps we are the home buyers you have wished for a long time. Tell us about your home and what’s going on, and we’ll find the fastest route for you to sell your house to us.

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