Need to sell your home fast while going through a divorce in Atlanta?

Sell your Atlanta Home Fast with a Divorce

Are you in the middle of a divorce and need to sell your house fast in Atlanta?

My name is Micah with Spire Home Buyers and I’m going to share some tips on how to sell your house fast while coping with divorce. It’s important to know that selling a home can be incredibly stressful on its own. Dealing with the raw, complex and difficult feelings of a divorce is immensely stressful. The combination of divorce and selling a home requires you to go easy on yourself, take the time to decompress, think through your options and allow yourself to be a little emotional when you need to be. No one is going to judge you.

Let’s jump into some tips to sell your home quickly in Atlanta.

First, understand who is on title and who is on the mortgage. You and your former spouse might be on both documents together or just one of you on both or there may be a mix of those two scenarios. Understanding who is on title and on the mortgage deed may determine who has access to what information and who is responsible for executing contracts.

Second, understand your divorce decree. This document should be signed by the presiding judge, outline who is entitled to equity from the sale of the home and if it is an equal split or not. There will also be language establishing who is responsible for hiring, managing and paying for contractors. Another important factor to understand is what happens if you are upside down and there is no equity in the property.

Third, clean out the property. This can be a tough to do in any circumstance, it’s even tougher when your feelings are on edge and you are going through years of keepsakes and memories. But, the cleaner and emptier the property, the more likely you can sell your home quickly.

Fourth, talk with an experienced Atlanta real estate agent. Be sure to deal with a full time professional that has experience with home sales in divorce situations. The way the agent communicates with all parties can make or break the entire deal, so be sure you choose the right agent for the job.

Or you can shortcut all of this by selling to a Atlanta home buyer like us. Spire Property Solutions is a professional home buyer in Georgia and we can buy your home to save you pain and anguish. We buy houses for Cash in the Atlanta area and we can close quickly. You can sell your home fast, in as-is condition, and leave any personal items in the property so you can move on to rebuilding your life.

These tips will help you sell your home fast. But, divorce is tough and can be filled with immense pain. If you are tired and looking for an easy exit from the frustration, let’s talk. To get started, you can fill out the form below or call us at 678-318-1801.

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