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Selling a residential property can be overwhelming because of the amount of paperwork and negotiations that you’ll need to go through. On top of that, if you list your property on the market, there is the pressure of competition. With this, you’ll need to advertise your sale effectively and make your house “presentable” enough like all the other houses for sale within your area.

While there are advantages to selling a house on the market, it is generally not advisable for people who need to discard the property right away. Seasoned real estate agents have an extensive network of potential buyers, and you can take advantage of that. However, they may also come with a hefty commission price. This means that you may still get a lower price than your property’s average market value after waiting for a relatively long period.

Time It Takes to Sell a House on the Market

If you put your house on the market, there is a possibility that it will sit on it for months or years (maybe even decades and centuries!). This is because even if you’ve found potential buyers, they could always recall their decision anytime. Apart from that, you generally are dependent on the timeline of your buyer.

Coming into terms with a buyer isn’t the only determining factor also. They can put an offer on the table even if their purchase money is not yet available. With this, you both have to wait for the lender to approve the loan. Once the loan is approved, only then will the closing process start, which will take about 45 days or so in the U.S.

source: zillow.com

Home and Listing Features That Can Affect Your Chances of Selling

In a Zillow survey of 25 U.S. cities, it was reported that some top variables influencing the probability of a home sale include:

Number of Bedrooms

  • the lesser the bedrooms, the more chances of a sale
  • within 149 days, there was a 64% – 80% chance of a sale for all houses that had 1-5 bedrooms

Area of Finished Space

  • the larger the size of finished square feet, the lesser the chances of a sale
  • within 149 days, there was a 68% – 81% chance of a sale for all houses that had 500 – 4,999 of finished square feet

Sale Price / Home Value

  • properties between $120K – $380K had higher chances of a sale beyond 120 days on the market, compared to properties between $23K – $120K and $380K – $2,500K
  • properties valued above $380K sold faster than most houses valued lower within 35-59 days
  • within 150 days, there was a 74% – 80% chance of a sale for all houses valued between $23K – $2,500K

Ratio of Lot Size to Area of Finished Space

  • properties with median lot size-to-finished area space ratio had better chances of a sale beyond 80 days on the market
  • Within 150 days, there was a 72% – 80% chance of a sale for ratios between 0.77 – 2.30

Number of Photos in Listing

  • Listings with 16-21 photos had higher chances of a sale beyond 40 days, compared to listing with 0-15 photos and 22-99 photos
  • Within 150 days, there was a 72% – 80% chance of a sale for listings that had 0 – 99 photos

How Fast Can I Sell My House?

Setting a target date is crucial in identifying your selling route. To do this, you have to understand your reasons behind selling your house and your target move-out date. Are you willing to wait for more than a month? three months? or one week, perhaps?

Basically, how fast is fast for you?

“I Need to Sell My Home Fast in Georgia for Job Relocation”

Career growth is always wished for, and some opportunities require us to transfer residences. What’s flinching about it, sometimes, is that companies usually grant employees only a few days or weeks to move in to start work. So on top of your ongoing work, you’d have to pack your things, ship them out, think about what to do with the house you’re going to leave behind, take care of your family, and many more.

Some employers offer a relocation package which mainly includes transportation and accommodation. However, if you find yourself in blank thoughts about what to do with your current house, let us help you cut the process short. We can buy your house as fast as the next day, and you’ll only have to worry about setting your sale price!

In addition, if you are relocating to a new home to accommodate more family members, we can also help you make the transfer process easy so you can focus on your family. Relocating can be an emotional journey, especially if you have kids who have made friends in the area or if your house had been your home for generations. Let us take care of the more technical aspects of your old house.

“We’re Going Through Divorce So We Need To Sell Our House Quick in Georgia”

Georgia is a state that follows the equitable distribution of property during divorce. This means that both partners will have to divide their assets fairly, but not necessarily equally, as compared to community property states. In an equitable distribution state, a Judge will determine the extent of a fair distribution between the couple.

If you don’t want to wait for a court ruling (with a timeline that’s out of your hands), you can agree to sell with your spouse and get cash even before the divorce process starts. But don’t get us wrong, going through a divorce is not a walk in the park. The last thing on your mind, perhaps, is taking care of your joint properties. Nevertheless, wherever you are in your divorce, you can contact us anytime, and we will brew up an offer for you in just a couple of days.

“I Have to Sell My Georgia House Quickly Before Filing for Bankruptcy”

Losing a house in bankruptcy can be avoided. If you want to save your house before filing for bankruptcy, you can either refinance your home, renegotiate with your lender, or sell your home and maybe buy it back once you have enough money. If you are already in bankruptcy, you can still save your house; however, it should be done fast since your house trustee can sell your home anytime.

If you feel like you are running out of time to save your home, reach out to us and let us explore your options. You don’t need to lose your home in a snap just because you are going through a temporary financial crisis, but you can sell your house in a snap should you wish to.

“My Georgia House Maintenance Costs are Expensive, So I Want To Sell It Now Instead”

Even if you’ve just inherited your house and have not spent a single dime to purchase it, you can still expect to spend money regularly on its maintenance. Materials and systems will degrade over time, which can have dire consequences to your safety and the future value of your home. With this, the more you forego house checks and repairs, the more the costs will pile up.

Foundation repairs, for example, can cost between a few thousand dollars up to over a hundred thousand dollars, depending on your area and the extent of the damage. Moreover, if you have recurring plumbing or water problems, you’ll have to make sure that all parts directly affected by your water lines are in good condition because water-damaged ceilings and walls are expensive to replace.

If your house maintenance costs have been losing you a lot of money over the years (or months), we can help you get the current value of your house before the price further reduces in the future. You don’t have to spend another dollar anymore during the next maintenance schedule because we can take the problem out of your hands.

How Can I Sell My House Fast in Georgia?

There are many ways to sell your Georgia house quickly. It depends on where you are selling it on, how physically appealing your house/listing is for your buyers, how precise you can capture what your buyer is looking for in a home, how you can effectively connect to your buyer’s emotions, how fast you can settle all the paperwork and many more.

Where Should I List My House?

If you want to sell your house on the market, you can either sell it by yourself (FSBO) or tap the services of a real estate agent. Remember that if you want to proceed with FSBO, you’ll have to do a comparative market analysis yourself to determine your selling price. There are over 600 multiple listing sites in the United States. If you want to list your house by yourself, here are some of the websites that you can check out:

How Should I Prepare My House for Viewing?

The rule of thumb here is to make your Georgia home as welcoming and homey as possible, and this includes your front exterior. First impressions are critical, so the moment your potential buyer steps onto the curb, he/she should already feel like it’s home and not just see it as a regular house. To achieve this, the most basic things you can do are:

  • clean the grounds and trim the vegetation outside your house
  • keep garbage bins out of sight
  • repaint the exterior if you have the money
  • make sure that no nails are sticking out
  • wash the doormat
  • mop the floors
  • make sure all the surfaces (e.g., table tops and appliances) are squeaky-clean
  • remove couch stain
  • put at least temporary fillings between broken tiles
  • clean and lubricate window tracks and jamb liners
  • wash the curtains
  • open the curtains during viewing
  • organize all the appliances and decoratives (e.g., coffee table books)
  • wipe all glass surfaces
  • eliminate foul odors by using charcoal, room spray, or scented candles
  • eliminate rust (even on your mailbox)

How Do I Negotiate Effectively to Close Fast?

There are different stages in a home sale. One of the most challenging stages to control is getting your buyer to agree with your price. The good news is, there are techniques that you can use to get that yes even during the first offer.

  • Set a Specific Price. Setting a specific price means offering a number that’s not just full of zeros. For example, if the prevailing market value of your house is around $280,000, you can adjust the numbers to $281,450 or, say, $279,795. This creates the impression that you really thought about your price, and you didn’t just pull the numbers out from a very rough estimate.
  • Remind Your Buyers of the Benefits of Your House Before Saying the Price. Again, this is to create an impression that your price is a fair price. If you did repairs and upgrades, disclosing it to your buyer will help justify your price. Also, if you can compare and contrast your house to more expensive listings with the same square footage, that will also help convince your buyer that your offer is by far the best.
  • Get the Buyer to Tell You A Personal Story During the First Meeting. It is essential that your buyer feels comfortable with you during the first meeting. This will set the atmosphere for all your subsequent discussions. If you are able to build that kind of initial relationship, it may be easier for your buyer to trust all your explanations and offers thereafter.

Can I Sell My House Fast Without All the Hassles?

Undeniably, selling your house by yourself is not only time-consuming; it can also be mentally and physically exhausting. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling your home on the market and putting the chances of sale on the hands of unpredictable buyers, you can sell your Georgia home to us. We can pay you in cash, and you won’t have to wait for months to finally put your property issues to rest.

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