How To Sell Your House Without an Agent in Duluth

Are you selling your Georgia home and are stuck between whether to sell with an agent or not? While it’s true that working with a real estate agent (REA) will benefit you a lot, not everyone is willing to go through the potential risks of hiring one. By clicking on this article, we gather that you are one of those who are having second thoughts about getting an REA — and that’s absolutely fine!  There are ways to sell your home without the full services of an REA, and here are some tips for you to explore:

1.   Sell The House Yourself (FSBO)

Back when selling real estate was not a business, For Sale By Owner  (FSBO) was the traditional way of selling a house.  Sellers dealt directly with their buyers while advertising, home staging , and real estate agents weren’t as relevant as they are today. Even as agent-assisted sales have a greater potential at getting a home sold at a higher price, it doesn’t necessarily cancel out the possibilities of FSBO. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, more homes were sold under FSBO within two weeks than those agent-assisted  — particularly homes where the seller did not know the buyer.

It might seem that FSBO limits your reach from potential buyers, but don’t get discouraged as this is not entirely true. The internet has provided FSBO sellers with the opportunity to increase their chances of finding a buyer, pretty much like established real estate agents.   You can post on:

  • Social Media
  • Third-Party Aggregators (e.g. Zillow)
  • Online Classified Ads (e.g. Craigs List)
  • Direct Emails

——- all for a low or zero price!

2.   Hire a Broker’s Services – Partially

Did you know that there are real estate agents or brokers who offer limited services?  You don’t have to pay the full 6% commission, but you still get professional help along the process.  The cost of limited service agents varies because it usually depends on the service you require. Some of the work you can delegate to a limited-service agent can include:

  • Listing your home on the Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GMLS)
  • Accommodate buyer’s concerns
  • Give you advice on offers
  • Help you create a counter-offer
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Do a comparative market analysis
  • Host and manage your open house
  • Guide you through the closing process 

Since the rates vary per service and agent, it is important to shop around first to see which agent could offer the best rate for your budget.  Be mindful also about the services you require, because you never know, you might be unconsciously requiring more services to the point where you’ll have to pay the same amount as hiring a full-service real estate agent (or even more!).

Apart from limited service agents, there are also discounted real estate brokers around. Although this involves hiring a full-service agent, these professionals offer their full-time services at lower commission rates.  So if you find a discounted broker, you will be able to save lots! 

3.   Be Prepared for a Quick Sale

Yes, plenty of FSBO sales can happen quickly, especially when you score a pretty aggressive buyer. Aggressive buyers want to close a deal fast and may take a step back if you cannot decide fast, are way too slow with your documents, or seem clueless with the process.  The moment you decide you’re going to say goodbye to your home, it would be beneficial to do your due diligence on what to prepare and expect during an FSBO transaction.  Take note that there is no black and white in any home sale, so you have to be flexible and brush through different guides as much as you can.

4.   Snap Realistic Photos 

Nothing’s worse than being lied to, which is also true when buying and selling real estate. Full disclosure shouldn’t only exist in descriptions and words but as well as in your pictures.  Gone are the days when shabby homes are not attractive due to the ongoing interest in house flipping, land development, and other real estate ventures. 

So if you have a broken siding, an unmaintained lawn, a cluttered family room, or a leaking roof, don’t be shy to take a picture and post them for your buyers to see.  If you don’t find a retail buyer for your home, you will still have a great chance at scoring an investor buyer.

5.   Sell to A Professional Home Buyer 

If you’ve done all that you can to sell your house without an agent, but nothing seems to be working, you can also consider selling your home to a professional home buyer like us at Spire Property Solutions. Although we buy houses, we will help you explore your options first before making an official offer because we understand that selling your home may not always be what’s best for you or your family. 

However, if you do decide to push through with the sale, we can put in an offer for you as quickly as 24 hours and buy your house for cash in the soonest time possible. Learn more about selling your house to a home buying company by calling 678-38-180 or filling up the form below.

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