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Did you put your house on the Georgia MLS four months ago and haven’t got a single interested buyer? Or you did, but the buyer backed out at the last minute. This can be disheartening, especially when you’re already running out of funds to keep up with the mortgage, insurance, and maintenance.

Your real estate agent could have advised you already to make some home improvements to increase your home’s appeal. Still, you just couldn’t afford the renovation costs. So what else is there to do?  Well, did you know that you can still sell your Georgia home off the market as fast as what “selling on the market” promises?

Advantages of an Off-Market Sale

You may have read somewhere that off-market selling is more appropriate for very expensive houses owned by wealthy people.  If this thought got you stuck on the MLS, wrap it up and bury it in the basement because the perks of exclusivity are for everyone who wishes for it. 

If you sell off-the-market, yes, you’d have lesser visibility, but there’s a chance that you can get more serious buyers. Think of it this way, off-market buyers know that there are fewer buyer competitors off the market, and so they wouldn’t have to deal with a potential bidding war.  These people don’t want interference when they see a house they like, so they resort to looking for homes in the “quieter” scene. If you can find an off-market buyer, you’d be surprised at how fast they can close a deal, especially if you accommodate their contingencies and requests.

The second advantage is privacy. Off-the-market selling is the first choice for people who are a bit conservative with opening their homes to many viewers/potential buyers.  If only a few people know about your house, you don’t have to worry about security and deal with many people. Likewise, if you are tired of nosy neighbors who keep on asking why you are selling the house, selling off-market would be a great option. This is because you wouldn’t have to put up a “for sale” sign, or you wouldn’t have to gather a lot of people during open houses.

The third advantage is the possibility of selling your house above the market price.  As much as some agents would say that you’ll get a lower purchase price off the market, the opposite may be possible. It always boils down to what your buyer is planning to do with the house. If you score a buyer who sees more value than what you offer, then you are in for a treat!

What Do I Do to Sell Off the Market Fast?

Once you take down your home from the MLS, you may have to speak with your real estate agent because this means that he/she might not be able to help you anymore officially. This is because of the Clear Cooperation Policy” that the National Association of Realtors set forth to ban “pocket listings.”   But with REA or not, here are a few options to help you sell your house off the market:

Cold Calls and E-mails

If you are not used to calling and e-mailing people randomly, you may want to start warming up because this marketing strategy still works even today! According to Cience, a B2B lead-generation company, many salespeople fail because of the “Reluctance Syndrome.” This is an experience where people are terrified to reach out and make a random phone call.

the impacts of call reluctance
Source: Cience

You don’t have to set up an entire website to generate leads, but you can start with your family and friends.  If not one of them is looking to buy a house, maybe they know someone who is.  To help you with your first few calls, you can follow tried and tested scripts and gradually modify them to what is more comfortable. 

Make a Virtual Home Tour and Post on Social Media

The fact that you’ve posted your home pictures on the MLS means that you are not too conscious about showing your house to the public. When you take your listing down, this doesn’t mean that your visibility has gone out of the window too. You can use other platforms like Facebook and Instagram to broadcast your sale.  And to take it up a notch, create a virtual video tour of your home.

Video tours are exciting because it makes buyers feel closer to your property than the pictures. Plus, with video tours, you can expound more on the details and be more convincing than what you sound like in your listing text.

Sell to Spire Home Buyers

Like selling on the market, selling off the market also has its advantages. The possibility of a long waiting time is still there, especially when you stop marketing and actively looking for off-market buyers. The good news is if you are too tired already and you just want your house off your hands, Spire Home Buyers is here!

We can make an offer for your house today, and we will buy your home for cash. You won’t have to prepare your house for viewing, clean it, and make it look decent because we can buy it as-is. Depending on your papers, we can close in as fast as seven days.  So if you are looking to sell your Georgia house now, contact us at  (678) 318 – 1801 or fill-up the form below!

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