Pros and Cons of a Direct Sale of Your House in Alpharetta

Have you ever come across a person who was able to sell their home without the help of a licensed real estate agent, and you’re now wondering if you can do the same too?

Yes, selling on your own on the market or handing the job over to a real estate agent who is paid thousands of dollars to sell your home aren’t your only options! In the real estate industry, there are what we call direct buyers. These people or companies purchase homes directly from you, the homeowner, without being facilitated by a broker or a licensed real estate agent. 

Selling to a direct buyer may well be your most awaited solution after worrying about the high commission price and the fear of getting an agent who doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

But first, it’s essential that you’re aware of the advantages and disadvantages of selling to a direct home buyer.

Pro – No Commissions

The sale of your house in Alpharetta doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Working with direct buyers like Spire Home Buyers means dealing with straightforward and easy-to-understand contracts that don’t contain hidden fees and no outrageous commissions that are subtracted from your profits. You get to save that 5%-6% commission you have to pay agents when you sell on the market. 

Pro – Skip Showings

Agents typically conduct open houses to give a home sale more exposure to prospective buyers.  If entertaining guests is too tiring for you or you don’t want plenty of strangers on your property, selling to a direct home buyer will give you the privacy you want.

Pro – No Repairs

Unless your home is brand new or in absolutely perfect condition, there will be at the least a minimum investment to spruce up your home. This is because there are building standards you want to keep to avoid lawsuits, and retail buyers are usually opposed to properties that need so much fixing.  

However, if you sell to a direct buyer, who is most likely an investor willing to fix & flip, you won’t have to worry about spending a single dollar on repairs before closing the deal.

Pro – No Marketing Expenses

One of the reasons why real estate agents have a high commission price is because they spend a valuable amount on research and marketing. Some of these brokers use 3rd party software or proprietary software for their assessments and marketing, which can cost a lot.

Depending on the state of your home, its location, and the state of the market, these agents may even hire subcontractors to stage your home, take compelling photos, write copy, inspect the property, etc. 

So, by selling to a direct buyer, there wouldn’t be any need to market your home as much just to reel in prospective buyers because direct home buyers purchase even the most unpleasant properties in the market.

Pro –  Quick Closings

Working with a direct buyer like Spire Home Buyers means speedy closings, some in as fast as seven days. If you want to cash in on your equity right now, your answer is a direct sale of your house in Alpharetta. Since a direct sale is made through a cash payment, you don’t have to wait out appointments with inspectors or appraisers. Moreover, since direct buyers don’t need to qualify for a loan, you wouldn’t have wasted your time if the deal fell through.

Pro – No Holding Costs

If you’re not residing in the property anymore, you still have to continue paying for its taxes, maintenance, repairs, utilities, etc. this can be burdensome, especially when no one is using the house. You can avoid these holding costs by directly selling your home in Alpharetta since a direct sale usually involves closing a deal as fast as 14 days or less.

Con – Less than Market Value

Others may discourage you from selling to a direct home buyer because of the possibility that the offer will be less than the market value. However, if you think about all the expenses you’ll incur when you sell on the market or through a licensed real estate agent, you may realize that the net profit you’ll receive will be bigger when you sell to a professional home buyer like Spire Home Buyers.

Spire Home Buyers is ready to jump into action to save you a significant amount of money! With no commissions, no repair requirements, no marketing expenses, or holding costs, Spire Home Buyers can save you thousands of dollars and hours of waiting!

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