Can I Sell My Georgia House As-is?

Selling a house can be more stressful than figuring out what to say in a sales pitch or a job interview. For one, you may not know whether the house will sell within your desired timeframe. Other reasons may be that:

  • you do not know if someone would accept your desired selling price
  • not know if the buyers will push through with the purchase
  • not know if someone will be interested in giving an unrepaired house a chance or;
  • not know how much exactly will be your expenses to sell the house.

You may be able to relate to this, especially if it’s your first time selling a house. True enough, preparation is key, but it doesn’t always guarantee a stress-free process because there are, inevitably, a lot of things that you can’t control.  If you do not want to go through the pressures of selling your house, you also have the option to sell it as-is — no repairs, no renovations, no home showings, no waiting for interested buyers. 

What Types of Houses Can I Sell As-Is?

Any property can be sold “as-is”. You, as the seller, will have to make sure that you disclose everything to your buyer and have them sign an as-is contract. This contract releases your liabilities to the property, excluding repairs that you are willing to give warranty to as a concession and defects that you did not disclose in the contract.

Properties that come with structural and financial (mortgage) constraints may be sold as-is, as long as the buyer is willing to accept the liabilities. It’s normal to think that no one would want to buy a worn-out house. But don’t get too discouraged! With the growing investment potential of Georgia houses, you will be able to find a buyer sooner than you think.

There are people who are open to buying:

  • Inherited/probate houses (old and new)
  • Houses with an ongoing mortgage
  • Homes with too much stuff
  • Properties that are partially destroyed
  • Properties that have recurring structural and system issues
  • Houses with unfinished renovation works
  • Homes that are in danger of foreclosure
  • Abandoned houses

Best Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Unfixed House

Fixing a home can cost more than a thousand dollars. While it is true that renovations or repairs can increase a home’s chances of a sale, it does not guarantee it. Plus, if you are transferring to another property, you may want to save your money for your relocation expenses.   The probability of selling a not-so-glamorous house will lie on how you present its benefits and how you give your buyers more value than what they initially see.

Source: The Balance

Create a Virtual Tour on Social Media

Virtual tours will allow you to reach a wider audience. In-person home viewings are effective, yes, but remote tours will increase your leads in case a “seemingly interested” buyer backs out. As of this writing, there are about 1.84 billion daily active Facebook users and about 1 billion monthly active Instagram users that you can reach out to!

Host an Agent-only Tour

Agents have the ability to see potential in a property much more than a typical home buyer. If you aren’t able to score buyers looking for a home, agents might be able to connect you with people looking for investment properties.

Practice Taking Photos Like a Professional

Most experts would recommend that you hire a professional photographer for your listing photos. However, this may not always be practical for many. If you have a good camera phone (or know someone who has), you can use it to take great pictures. To help you capture professional-grade photos, there are tons of materials online that will teach you how to take compelling architectural shots using a smartphone. It may take time to practice, but it will definitely be worth your effort.

List the Benefits of Your Location

If you’re not feeling confident with the condition and look of your house, you can put the spotlight on its location. Is your house near public services like bus stops, schools, grocery shops, malls, gyms, etc.? Do you have friendly neighbors? Is your neighborhood quiet and serene? Do you have stunning landscape views from your house?  Location can be a make or break for buyers.

What Kind of People Buys Houses As-Is?

When you advertise your property, you should make sure to disclose it right then that you are selling it as-is.  This will already help you filter those people who are really open to buying a house that may not be in its best condition (saves you time and effort).

People on a Budget

Newly-constructed or newly-renovated houses can mean that they are expensive. Needless to say, houses are not cheap. Even billionaires are careful when they purchase a property.  People who are looking to buy a house will most likely search for the lowest price they can find for the kind of property they like. Since unfixed houses can seem economical, people who want to save money will rarely skip an “as-is listing”.

Fix & Flip Investors

These people are looking to buy houses at a lower price, fix them, then sell them for a higher price. Since “as-is” properties for sale are relatively cheap, investors will want to buy them, especially when the location has potentials.

Professional Home Buyers

Professional home buyers like us will buy your house directly for cash. You wouldn’t need to hire a real estate agent and pay a commission because we are already familiar with the real estate buying and selling process. If you want to do away with the marketing, skip the anticipation & the what if’s, and sell your Georgia house fast, you can get in touch with us and let us see how we can give you the best value for your home. 

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