Stop Home Foreclosure in Atlanta

If you’re behind on your mortgage payment, watch this quick video about how to stop or avoid foreclosure in Atlanta. The two most important things you need to know are that you are not alone so don’t be scared, and you have options so don’t feel depressed. According to the FDIC, 60% of homeowners wished … Continued

Sell Your House Privately Using These 5 Tips

Do you want to wake up and not be troubled anymore about how to sell your home fast, away from the general market? Selling a house on the market is mostly for people who don’t mind random calls from strangers, having a lot of people in their home during viewing, and putting their home under … Continued

Who Buys Bad Condition Houses in Georgia?

Do you need to sell your Georgia house, but you’re worried that your house is too worn out for people to be interested in? Think again because many people find “gold” even amongst severely damaged properties. Although you can expect that your home value might not be as decent as your better-shaped comps, still, selling … Continued

Should I Fix My House Before I Sell It?

Termite infestations, water-damaged floors, leaking bathroom pipes, broken HVAC systems — these are just a few common property issues that create a notable impression on your potential buyers. Ideally, if the damage level is too risky for the safety and health of occupants, the problems have to be addressed immediately. But sometimes, you may not … Continued