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Over many generations in America, a spire has stood above the landscape as a symbol of community, hope and faith. Today, Spire Home Buyers reflects that ideal as a beacon of help, a symbol of truth and a guide to prevail.

Spire Mission

To simplify home selling by providing value & alternatives to homeowners.

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Spire Core Values

COURAGE – The attribute of being afraid but moving forward anyway. Recognize what is causing fear and how to take the next step for the benefit of all who are affected.

SERVICE DRIVEN – We are Value First, our worth as individuals and as a company is determined by how many people and how well we deliver service with value.

PERSPECTIVE – Possess the ability to see, hear and interpret situations from a variety of viewpoints and respectfully evaluating those positions and feelings. Use that knowledge & creativity to develop alternatives.

FORTITUDE – Remain persistent in taking action & working hard even in the face of adversity and when results are not immediately forthcoming.

CONSISTENCY OF CHARACTER – Be Honest, Ethical, Respectful without change, regardless of the environment or situation.

The Team at Spire Home Buyers

Micah Redden is a professional home buyer with experience buying houses in many different scenarios. His focus is on sharing home selling options with those who want a guaranteed sale done in an ethical way. Micah & Mary Lynne have two amazing kids that challenge them to be better every day. When Micah isn’t going to events for the kids, he enjoys triathlon & tennis

Mary Lynne Redden is the home renovation expert. Her focus is on designing and updating properties for resale or rental. Her strengths include leading contractors and keeping the process on time and within budget. Mary Lynne loves to take care of her family and lift heavy weights in the gym. Outside of family & work, she enjoys time with the family pets and gardening.

Mariana Garcia Merino is our Lead Management expert. Her focus is on cultivating great relationships with our clients. Her strengths include being a Great Listener, an Understanding Problem Solver and always having a Positive Personality. Mariana loves to exercise and take trips to the beach.

Adrian Baetiong is our Data Management Specialist. His focus is to provide the information necessary to keep our business running smoothly. His strengths include being Ultra Organized, Amazingly Consistent and an Insightful Developer. Adrian loves to spend time with his wife and young child.

We Are Hiring Talented, Compassionate People

If you are looking for a position where you can help people and neighborhoods, let’s talk! We are a Value First organization that is looking for Team Members that match our Core Values. Complete the form below to get started!

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