5 Things About Movers, Organizers, and Moving Sale Coordinators

Selling a home may seem a lot of work, and indeed, it does require extra effort and commitment. Whether you’re planning to sell on the market, off the market, or FSBO, you’ll need to allocate time and attention even if you hire all the professionals in the world— experienced real estate agents, moving specialists, attorneys, marketing strategists, etc.

If you are selling your home in Perry or anywhere in the state, and you’re considering hiring the right professionals to sell your home, move out, and relocate, make sure to weigh all the pros and cons before signing any contract.  To start, here are five of the most common facts when working with movers, professional organizers, and moving sale coordinators.

They Reduce Much of Your Stress

Help is always good. If you are an independent person who has always gone through life’s challenges on your own — including getting an entire house prepped before — a little help won’t hurt so much. Just imagine the amount of other stuff you can do just because you had other helping hands. Plus, if you are a busy mom or dad, or you’re not in the best of health to move things around, carry boxes, and do a whole lot of other physical work, professional movers and organizers can be very valuable.   

They Can Be Costly

According to Home Advisor, professional movers can cost between $838 – $2,257, while professional home organizers can cost between $236 – $753 per job. Additionally, garage sale coordinators may ask for a percentage of your sales as a commission fee. Specialists or home services can charge you a fixed rate or depending on the amount of time worked. If you want to hire a professional, make sure they lay out all the details, including possible extra charges, service fees, etc. There should be no surprise charges. 

There can also be a lot of people who charge less than the average market price. If you find a reliable mover, coordinator, or organizer who charges cheap, good for you! But don’t forget to monitor them still — they may be buying extra containers or materials which you can be charged for at the end of the job.

You Can Lose Things

This is probably the scariest of all cons.  Hiring these kinds of professionals mean that you are entrusting all of your possessions to them.  It’s hard to keep track of every stuff, especially when you’ve got thousands in your home. We’re not saying that some professionals can be bandits — but sometimes, little trinkets here and there can be misplaced or sorted in the wrong pile or category. As much as we’d like to think that taking good care of your stuff is their number one mantra, you can never really know.

So, to ensure that all your stuff are safe, intact, and present after their work, here are some things you can do:

  • Look for fully-insured companies
  • Include an accountability clause in your contract
  • Make an inventory of all of your stuff before any job is started

You Can Get Extra Money (From a Moving Sale)

If you are selling your primary residence and need to move out from it,  moving expenses alone can be hefty. That’s why some companies shoulder their employee’s moving arrangements — not everyone can afford to say yes to moving even if the job is gratifying.   Likewise, this is also why some people conduct a garage sale or a moving sale before they relocate — the money could help cover the moving costs and lessen the burden. 

But as mentioned earlier, if you hire a garage sale coordinator, you can’t expect to have 100% of the revenue. The key here is to find an experienced garage sale coordinator who can sell all your stuff in the shortest time possible and price your items enough for you to get the money you need for moving.  On the other hand, if you want to keep all the profits, here’s a short guide on how to conduct a garage sale.

how to do a garage sale
Source: Lauren Greutman

You Still Have to Monitor Them

You might be wondering why you still have to spend time when, in the first place, you are hiring these professionals to save you time. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. You do save time and effort, but you’ll still have to guide them and monitor them from time to time to make sure they’re doing the job correctly according to your preferences and plan.

You want to make sure that your stuff is sorted in the correct pile, or you’ll only spend more time looking for them once you’ve moved into your new home. Likewise, you want to make sure that they’re not selling stuff you intend to keep.  The bottom line is, continue to be on the lookout even if you’ve got experienced professionals on your payroll.

Do You Need to Hire These Specialists to Sell Your Perry Home Fast?

Truthfully, there’s no yes or no answer to this because it all depends on your situation. Even if you hire expert movers,  organizers, and garage sale coordinators, the sale of your home will still rest on other factors, such as your buyer’s responsiveness and willingness to buy your home immediately.  If your priority is to sell your home fast without the trouble of dealing with all of your old stuff, you can think about selling your home directly to us, a professional home buyer in Perry.

At Spire, we buy houses as-is in Perry and other parts of Georgia for cash, and we can close a deal in as fast as two weeks. You can save your money from spending for a professional organizer, mover, or sale coordinator because you don’t have to move them anymore to sell your house.  Contact us at (678) 318-1801 to know more about programs, and let’s see how we can get that stress off your hands.


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